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ARESO Golf GmbH introduces KINE-FIT Length to KINE-FIT Technology. Length is one of the most important factors to correct putter fitting. To most, putter is the shortest in the bag and putting posture varies from each player with slightly different setting

By Areso, Jul 8 2014 02:13AM

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ARESO Golf introduces KINE-FIT Face II

By Areso, Jun 24 2014 07:15AM


ARESO Golf GmbH introduces second generation of new KINE-FIT FACE technology, FACE II. After years of research and expertize in engineering, ARESO Golf has introduced new KINE-FIT FACE II, synchronized both Horizontal and Vertical CNC face, the Ripple & Gear Face.

Ripple Face decrease dimple effect on the direction which increases consistency while Gear Face increase the surface contact to increase friction/ mechanical lock between the ball and putter for superior performance.

ARESO Golf Introduces KINE-FIT Length

ARESO Golf GmbH Introduces new KINE-FIT Technology to its advanced fitting technologies to Classic product line. ARESO Golf are adding K-FIT Balance design features with thousands different combination to adjust to individual optimal Balance Point setting.


@ K-FIT Weight > KINE-FIT also offers adjustment dynamic rotation and fine-tuning weight distribution. ARESO Golf offers fitting to hundreds of head weight combinations.

@ K-FIT Length > new ARESO Golf Fitting Grips, that are marked with half-inch increment with total of 6 inches for best K-FIT Balance Point Setting.

@ Low Torque Shaft > specially designed ARES Shaft Putter selection (tq 1.2) with Black Matte Finish and enhanced tip stiffness.


ARESO Golf introduces - KINE-FIT Balance

By Areso, June 05 2014 03:35AM

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